Illness, suicide & ancestors.

Dec 1, 2019

Release ancestors who have become enmeshed with the death space through illness and suicide. Elucidate the different types of suicide and what happens when the body-identity components do not fully break down properly and enter the natural cycle. Understand the relationship between death, family patterns, DNA, and reincarnation - and the difference between purification and spirit release.

All of us are an incredible blazing light in form. We are able to purify our family line, places and spaces regardless of instances of suicide and illness. At this time, many of our ancestors who have taken their lives or succumbed to illness causing the body to drop are re-entering the natural cycle because now the death space is more enmeshed with our everyday reality.

The dynamics of what happens, particularly in the case of suicide, is that pain in the psyche begins to break up the body components. The potential for a deliberate act or a natural force which frees the body from the psyche begins to move in. One thing leads to another and the personal field may start to fill up with more dead energies from both the family and external settings. This is what accidents sometimes are - a rapid efficient exit of something which has become so burdened that it no longer can reconcile itself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in this reality. Once death has occurred, remnants of body components which cannot re-enter the natural cycle clump together and continue to exist in the non-physical realm. The infinite aspect of someone has kicked in but they are still anchored to physical time-space coordinates which have not broken down. This is what a ghost is, the non-physical remnants of a previous body-identity complex still in a type of physical reality in a different realm.

Death through suicide and illness therefore releases identity from the space of who you are so you no longer need to carry things, but the personality may get stuck and be forced to re-enter as a pattern within the family line - mutating the DNA into a configuration where the issue is resolved in the future by a descendent. Some in a family even take on the personality of the "non-recycled" dead ancestor: there is a nesting effect which causes a fission within the personal field of the living family member where it harder to live one's own personality. And we come to understand that the theory of reincarnation and 'claiming our past lives' is not something we necessarily should do. These identity complexes are all the unresolved aspects of any past personality and not something we should be getting involved with.

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Event: Death & dying; Public talks; Special events.

Theme: Dead energies; Spiritual deprogramming.

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