Is death real?

Dec 1, 2019

Release outdated notions of death, past lives and reincarnation. Recalibrate around a different setting of body and identity. Understand how recent vibratory changes means the death space has significantly changed in your lifetime. Move on from limited notions of reincarnation and transmigration.

On a certain level, death is not real and you never die. You are indestructible and yet within that purity you start to take on the experience of an identity and body. It is these 2 things which "pass" - not "you" - and when death happens, you do not go "anywhere". The extent to which you have identified with the body however, means that you may be very intertwined with the 5 or 6 components which make up identity at the time of death. Then the death experience will become very real because it will feel like "you" are dying.

The 5 or 6 components comprising identity are not all in the same body. Very amazingly, they feature across other body experiences that are occurring attached to other people in this reality. Some of these components then, will be more local to your own body experience and some are turning up in the body experience of others. Identity brings together those components as a single complex, which then appears in the light of your own being.

So when the body classically drops, those 6 aspects are available for another body experience - and all aspects "migrate" out of the body complexes they have become anchored in. They are then available, in time and space, for other body experiences, across different bodies, in completely different configurations. This significantly blows apart the theory of reincarnation and transmigration, where one identity wholesale moves on to or turns up with another body. Even that identity complex breaks up too. Past lives in the sense that they have been taught is a very incomplete theory. There is one identity complex for a while, which we could say is a "person" but that whole phenomenon, does not endure and is part of the quantum field of consciousness which simply keeps on repatterning and reconfiguring.

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Event: Death & dying; Public talks; Special events.

Theme: Dead energies; Spiritual deprogramming.

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