Who / what is this for?

For anyone & anything.

For all beings

My work is open to everyone. You can sign up yourself, any person, place or particular issue. Here are some examples:

  • You or someone else (living or dead);
  • A country, government, or leader;
  • A global, local or environmental issue;
  • A parent, partner or family member;
  • A baby, child, teenager or any family unit;
  • A friend, work colleague or acquaintance;
  • An animal or pet, natural habitat or species;
  • A house, building or place;
  • An estate, garden or piece of land;
  • A business, organisation or project; or
  • A system, concept or an object.

Adding someone / thing

Always join the Reboot group first. Then, you can sign up others to any event too. In general there are 3 main ways to do this. The point is to ensure their purification is apart from yours so you do not carry their burdens yourself and each party will purify directly via just their own source connection. You will purify more too, to any extent that you have the same issues. 

Family & children

If you clean up, they clean up too. In general children need shorter spells in the Reboot group - just go with your feeling.

  • If it is a serious issue or you want to add them longer term, add them separately.
  • If it is a small issue, add family members and / or children to your own Specific focus in the Reboot group for one or 2 weeks.
  • If you have adopted children, they will purify exactly the same as if they were your biological children.
  • Add parents when it feels right. This will lighten your own burden substantially: up to 90% of your issues have never been yours.

Businesses, teams, communities & large organisations

Businesses can be a real impetus for change. But large scale organisations will only be as effective as the purity of those leading them. Meanwhile, communities may implement plans based on inspiring ideals. But if the individuals involved are on the frequency of the slave self, they will create more problems than they solve.

  • Add your organisation and colleagues so your work and business practices are truly effective and supportive of all beings.
  • Add your business or policy concept, premises and client list - opening up a greater path to practical success.

The dead

You can add the dead to any purification. The benefits are legion for you and them, especially if they had a difficult end-of-life experience.

  • You should add them to an event separately, for as long as you feel to, and usually for no more than 3 months.
  • Alternatively, you can add them to your Reboot Specific focus just for the month, during a Silent immersion retreat - because this is an advanced event.