Teenage tantrums.

May 15, 2021

Place a teenager of concern in the purification space, allowing you to completely detach from their personal field. Dissolve your own false identities based on abuse frequencies, including any fixed negative teenage personas. Reclaim your own ability to say no, draw strong healthy boundaries and re-embody self love. Dissolve rebelliousness and the pushing of invasive forces on your personal field. Stick to the correct course of action and re-enter space and time - regardless of the pressure, fear, discomfort or personal threat you may experience.

At root, most problems with teenagers are about fear and anger from lack of power and control. But power and control issues are common to a wide range of scenarios; we already have our own teenage identity formed out of the difficulties we faced at this age; and the deeper issues behind a negative teenage self nearly always stem from abuse frequencies.

Not all societies identify or experience the teenage right of passage as “troublesome.” Regardless, the period between age 9 and 13, also 15 and 19, is characterised by more access to the universal field in much higher concentrations and the embodiment of a wider range of sexual frequencies. At this point, there will be a massive attempt by family lineages and the dead to appropriate the fresh vital energies coming online. And the abuse issues lying unresolved in parents and society will press on the teenage psyche, both within and without, leading to displays of healthy questioning, challenge and rejection.

However, we all know a dysfunctional teenager when we see one - and this is simply a mirror for how we may ourselves be unwittingly perpetuating abuse frequencies. And, it is a warning to take control. When we experience pain we leave our bodies. We lose our identity and build a new one, underpinned by fear of the future and repeated loss of self and personal control. Because we no longer know who we are or what we want, instead we assert being clear, strong and gutsy to make up for the emptiness and self annihilation inside - all the while evading self-responsibility and being passive and subservient.

As a result, our new personality is distorted by pleasing; a lack of boundaries; using others’ life force externally; being unable to feel one’s own and others’ feelings; a resistance to healthy rules and agreements; and being incapable of meeting deadlines. To find oneself again requires huge surges of emotion to bring more feeling and connection; self-centric displays to reregister where one begins and ends in space and time; and the violation of boundaries to regain some semblance of command over our physicality. Our psyche starts to polarise, becoming fake and passionately, numb.

Unchecked and at its extreme, this leads to narcissism; mental health challenges; addiction issues; stealing; sexual predation; psychopathy; self-harming; end-time religious cults; genocidal acts - and ultimately, cooperation with those acts while wishing for the opposite. This is because our identity now does harm as its basic starting point. Seeking endless relief through pleasure, we only reinforce pain. Unable to read the danger signs, we need someone or something else to save us, and can no longer take care of ourselves.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Abuse, addiction & dependency; Clearing & protection; Crisis, pain & challenge; Family issues; Success & taking control; Young people & children.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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