Strong emotions, mind & dream states 2.

Jan 20, 2023

Higher levels intensive. Navigate even the most turbulent feelings and mind states. Go beneath the layer of consciousness. Take command of the light of you, penetrating the world of sleep and dreams.

Dream and sleep occurs to an identity and in some traditions, that whole complex gets superimposed back on reality seeing a superstate called consciousness or mind referred to as ultimate reality. Then everything becomes a dream in relation to that and anyone who doesn't realise is asleep has to wake up. This is a deeper level of the more simple scenario we all know where "we" either sleep well or don't and dream at night or not. When we put both layers together we emerge as the dreamer where identity arises in the light of us and it is this light that the identity "rests" in while we sleep. Then we realise that whatever label we use, dreaming and sleep are part of a different way of being which, though real, is just one aspect of our purity. 

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Event: Higher level intensives; Special events.

Theme: Higher level intensives; Special events; Dreaming.

Included: 1 mp3 link (87 mins), 1 video link (87 mins).


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