Dreaming, community & the new world.

Aug 19, 2021

Higher levels intensive. What really is "living in community"? What do the indigenous prophecies say the "new world" will look like? Generate the frequencies of successful togetherness and align yourself with the principles of nature wherever you are. Live and act at the level of dreaming rather than visioning - and understand the difference. And succeed in both the new and the old worlds without selling your soul.

In many ways we need to lose the definition of community before we can have community. This is because our notion of community is outdated and based on an idea of an alternative to mainstream society which needs in the first place to be challenged and replaced.

Meanwhile we are community, wherever we are. Real community is based on dreaming, the gold frequency and the new version of ourselves existent at the frequency of purification. We are beings of love who are permanently off grid, picking up on the community of positive high frequency beings worldwide on the same frequency directly plugged into the global nature intelligence system.

At this setting we can also become healthy caretakers of a physical expression of community; sift the multiple indigenous prophecies we tell us about this time; and establish a way of being that is already in nature, wherever and whoever we are. For some people this may include a physical expression of community also directly in nature itself but for the majority of people it will not.

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Event: Higher level intensives.

Theme: Higher level intensives; Community & togetherness; Core issues; Dreaming; Higher levels; Nature, planet & all beings.

Included: 1 mp3 link (109 mins), 1 video link (109 mins).


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