Dreaming & the force of nature.

Dec 16, 2020

Push yourself towards the upper range of your current frequency spectrum, starting to engage with the deletion of negative high frequency beings. Embody your new identity as a powerful dreamer changing the future, shedding any image of yourself as trapped within, and trying to escape, the old order. Release outdated notions of yourself as insignificant, powerless and unable to transform what is going on, on this planet.

There is no longer any future negative timeline for the new embodied human. That is now firmly subject to nature’s world order. Emotionally things may feel uncomfortable sometimes, but that is just your emotions. You are a force of nature embracing both poles of reality - and you are also a dreamer.

Because you are thoroughly interwoven with the material fabric of nature, constantly receiving signals through your body of how and where (not) to navigate, you are completely embedded within a context where you always belong and increasingly align with the principles of nature. It is not possible for you to be disconnected - and because of this you are always receiving on the gold frequency which anchors pure love on this planet.

This is what switches on your self healing ability, purifying not only yourself, but others, of the slave self and the influence of negative high frequency beings. You are like a live wire coursing with nature’s frequencies just by virtue of being who you are. But not only this: you are able to go beyond what is written in your personal instructions and leap into bright unimagined possibilities which completely rewrite the future. Seamlessly working with all of reality, you can take everything and everyone to the next level through your capacity to envisage and improve according to your excitement - seeding new worlds and finally changing this planet on the physical.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Community & togetherness; Core issues; Dreaming; Nature, planet & all beings; Self healing.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins).


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