Dreaming, identity & self healing.

Jul 17, 2020

Future rewrite with Stephen Shelley & Theresa Sgobba. Switch on and integrate the part of your own source connection configured for the activity of dreaming. Disengage from your false slave self, purify the source behind it and accelerate your self healing to the next level.

What is dreaming? While New Age spirituality gave us creative manifestation and more practical, apparently grounded paths concentrate on changing things without attention to the question of patterns – the technology of dreaming, an innate faculty of the human being – has yet to be fully realised and integrated. In this event, Jacqueline leads each one of us, experientially, in reclaiming our own ability to dream, disengaging from our false identity and accelerating our self healing to the next level so we are safely in the bandwidth of new frequencies which entered this planet from June 2020 onwards.

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Theme: Core issues; Dreaming; Self healing; Superordinary abilities.

Name: Stephen Shelley & Theresa Sgobba.

Included: 1 mp3 link (99 mins), 1 video link (100 mins).


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