Nature, politicality & action.

Jan 6, 2021

Upgrade your own politicality to the frequencies of nature. Drop political doctrines and fixation on political figures in favour of returning to your own infinity setting. Dissolve past ancestral markers of redundant political doctrines and ideologies, deleting wavelengths of polarisation and destruction.

Nature leaves no mark. It is self referencing, self healing, live, dynamic and spontaneous - and it constantly issues along the axis of infinity. Meanwhile there is another type of action in this world. There is time-bound action which issues out of a catalogue of thoughts, words and deeds anchored in an event on a historical time line. This repository of behaviours can shape generations and condition societies, eventually demanding rather than offering, solutions to problems.

When we act from a set of mental concepts, revered doctrines and ideologies, we superimpose this over Nature’s way and the former is subjugated to a false paradigm of power and control. Real action comes out of nature’s order meanwhile and then every human being has the gift of being able to improve and take its design and beauty much further.

Politicality is action in line with nature, whereas politics can become the frozen body of knowledge which piles more rhetoric on its own redundant stage. We are all political beings and meant to be highly active: now we are seeing the rise of our own order over every representation of the slave self.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Global issues; Nature, planet & all beings.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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