Dismantling the slave gene.

Jul 8, 2020

Send the part of you which has been coded only to vibrate at the coarsest levels of non-feeling and non-thinking into deletion. Remove the history of human slavery and entrapment at every level of your and your family’s DNA, making it possible once again to function according to the frequencies of pure love and beyond.

The history of this planet features a long story of the design, and of the undermining, of the human DNA from functioning at its peak potential. Perhaps more than anything else, unless the coding is deleted of your “slave DNA,” your attempts to physicalise the purity of your own source connection will fall on stony ground.

Ever wondered why people simply can’t see – or won’t see? They actually, physically, can’t. Not only have continuous centuries of systematic oppression and brainwashing mutated the human being into a lower bandwidth, but our very genetic programme has been progressively switched off.

Except for one thing. Those who planned this deliberate recalibration to the heaviest disconnected vibrations did not count on the new frequencies currently flooding our planet. New technologies are available, far beyond the wit of any control source for reversing and dismantling every trend of harm: re-establishing pure love from the ground up, in a way like never before.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups; Core issues; Slave self; Start here.

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