Betrayal & self deception.

Jun 8, 2019

Stimulate the frequencies within your personal instructions which enable you to live more deeply and more than ever before. Auto-correct and live your highest vision of yourself more smoothly and expansively minus individuals and systems which hold you back and put you down. Embrace the gift of betrayal, which prevents you from living too small. Release loved ones ensnared in duplicitous and judgemental beliefs. 

It can be extremely confusing when something you honoured and revered – someone you loved and deeply believed in – does something which brings deep pain. The loss is almost unbearable. But what have you lost? A part of yourself you didn’t need; that is all. The seeds of betrayal and possible self deception always lie in a zone of yourself you cannot see, which are distorting the bigger picture. That distortion must go.

The real agony is not knowing what will happen next; living with the pain and the not knowing; and waiting to see what, if anything remains of what formerly was. This is the pain which cleans us and ruthlessly reshapes us, from the inside out. What stays; stays. And what goes; goes. You cannot ever lose what is truly yours.

Heartbreak in love; the disappointment from promises not kept; family backstabbing and emotional manipulation; being a victim of crime and corruption; the guru scenario where a great light turns out to be a mixture of considerable darkness; being used and abused by anyone in authority – these episodes remind us all too keenly of what it is to be human. Do not give up. Your own core purity is calling you to a brighter day: a new version of yourself that is so high that even you cannot imagine. The source knows: that is, the full spectrum of your being not caught up in the story of “I” ... knows. In order to be truly alive, happy, light and free, “I” must always change, grieve, lose, stand up again, flourish anew a different way, and then change yet again.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Core issues; Crisis, pain & challenge; Spiritual deprogramming.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins).


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