Who is God?

Nov 17, 2021

Disentangle yourself from the manufactured image of God, firmly returning to the core of your own being where there is direct relationship with all that is, purity and all beings in infinite interconnection. Clean up your lineage and your life of false idols, exotic deities, supreme super heroes and the ideologies, rules and belief systems which go with them. Materialise your own greatness in full integrity as love made real itself.

God is actually modelled on someone who once lived. That story was then hijacked and twisted - appropriated as an image - and it has been reintroduced to the human populace as a package to be obeyed who may be loving sometimes, but, quite obviously, also has a few issues. Originally human beings themselves were Eden - and they functioned as one beautiful collective mind - more similar to animal beings than the physical form we have today.

Meanwhile the spark of infinity common to, and inside, each one of us has become something we similarly worship and objectify hoping we can somehow merge with it. And even when we finally drop the image of God in an attempt to meet our own selves, it can seem like a 'journey of becoming' from separateness to a type of mystical union. However, we are always our own brilliance in the making. There is only us continually embodying who and what we already are, in raw and incomplete, yet to be purified form. As a concept God is something greater than our own selves, which always keeps our own divinity in the distance, while hinting at a partial truth.

We are the creative pulse of pure love which is ever fashioning our world. That act we could call God, but this would be very limiting. Touch, care, human emotion, beauty and friendship is how that love materialises. It is the source of all beings, life and what sustains, perpetually reconfiguring, and shaping the experiences of human existence. The relational instinct is what evidences the god which is our own selves ... in stark contrast with any story in any book always written down by a small group with a certain agenda.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups; Clearing & protection; Spiritual deprogramming.

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