Oracle Girl

embodying more love on this planet

Public talks, group & personal purifications entirely by donation

embodying more love on this planet

public talks, group & personal purifications entirely by donation


"love is the highest purification; the highest initiation"

at this time in history, a purity wave is sweeping the planet switching on the divine aspect of our being. we are becoming an embodiment of love: we are rapidly jettisoning outmoded destructive behaviours and a new, simpler and more powerful version of ourselves is emerging minus our family patterns, personal issues & unwanted frequencies. receive an individual focus wherever you are in the world and get help with areas of persistent difficulty. switch on your own divine mainframe; experience more peace, inner silence, clarity and understanding; and see your life and others transform


what is an individual focus?

it is a purification enabling you to plug in more directly into the source of your own being. more of who you are comes forward minus any personal issues which automatically drop in the space

how does it work?

in-person, you return my gaze and remotely, i focus on you by name. we simply meet and you reconfigure. it is a little like 2 tuning forks: strike one and the other recalibrates

who or what are you working with?

nothing and no one: i am just being myself

do you give or have any teachings?

no. it's you!

who and what can you help with?

anyone and anything: you can ask me to focus on yourself, someone you know or request a house, business or entity clearing. it can be any problem physical, emotional, mental or spiritual; for a baby, child or teen; an animal, building, place or estate; for someone you don't know or even someone who has died

why are you called oracle girl?

it is a nickname: the words simply come out according to who is in front of me

tell me something about yourself?

i am here to help at this time on earth. i come from the future