Reawaken: Directions + Q&A.

Using this event to absorb pure love on your own.

What to do

  1. Once or twice a day, take 10 - 20 minutes for yourself alone. 
  2. Do this without any online event or recording playing.
  3. Sit quietly and be aware of your body without changing anything. Know that you are absorbing and filling with pure love ... you may feel sensations in your body. If you do, just notice - and if you don't it doesn't matter.
  4. Just by yourself, you can be inside or outside. It can be done in a chair, sitting or lying down. You should stay aware and conscious of what is happening without intervening or wanting it to be a certain way. No visualisation or praying.


So what is the purpose of the online version of Reawaken?

  • This is to model together, as a live event, what to do - before trying it on your own. It enables you to plug much more strongly into your own ability to Reawaken when you are alone. This is because at the online event, Reawaken occurs in you at the setting of my signal and also at the multiple power of the group.

Then you want me to do it by myself, right?

  • Yes, ideally. After using the online version, the aim is for you to do this alone without anything digital. See my 4 instructions above.

Can I also do Reawaken using the rewatch recording?

  • Of course, this is a third way you can go about it, if you wish. But please ultimately use the rewatch to focus on doing Reawaken by yourself. It's good to go back to any of the Reawaken events to keep on powering up and hearing what I have to say about how Reawaken works. Then some people alternate between rewatching one online Reawaken event, then doing Reawaken entirely alone so they get comfortable with doing it entirely by themselves without anything digital at all. 

Can I walk or do I have to sit / lay / stand still?

  • Please sit, lie or stand still - rather than walking.

I don't feel anything. What am I doing wrong?

  • If you don't feel anything that is OK, it is still happening. Often when you are very integrated or if the frequencies are very light, rapid or fine at that time, you feel less.

Is it OK to do more than 20 minutes?

  • It's the sincerity and genuine wish to do it that matters. No going through the motions. Then you can do it for however long you like. It doesn't need to be for ultra long periods though. If you consistently do Reawaken you will fill faster over time and you will notice when you feel ready to stop.

And why am I doing it again?

  • Because it is a natural fact that your body is designed to fill with and absorb pure love. This slowly overwrites all family patterns and personal issues. 

So it's like a spiritual practice to get better?

  • No. You already absorb and fill with pure love automatically. You are bringing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies into alignment with your pure love setting so all of your multidimensional self lands in this reality. There's nowhere to go. You don't need to. You're already there. You are just giving your self healing ability the time and space to realign your material experience of yourself with the pure love setting.

What is the difference between Reawaken and Sundays@7?

  • First of all, Reawaken is an online event and Sundays@7 is a remote event. Reawaken is specifically for absorbing and filling with pure love and you can do it primarily either online or alone by yourself. Meanwhile at Sundays@7, while you are also doing this alone, Jacqueline is physically stopping to be with you at exactly the same time. Further, at Sundays@7 the emphasis is primarily on being alone and being held in that space. Then it's for updating your Specific focus and generating pure love rather than filling with and absorbing it. 

What is the difference in frequency and charge of events between Reawaken, Sundays@7 and Deep Silence as all feature being present and aware of your body?

  • All events occur at the same base setting of pure love. Then, Reawaken, Sundays@7 and Deep Silence all have their own unique specialised form of that frequency. Reawaken is for absorption (receptive); Sundays@7 is for stillness and focus (allowing momentum and calibrating it); and Deep silence is for that wave which emits silently from you (radiation) as the core of you generates pure love.

And what's the difference between Reawaken Bristol and the online Reawaken events?

  • Reawaken Bristol is an in-person event held in November 2022. It contained 3 mini-talks on one day addressing the world situation and also featured a specific focus on Bristol and its significance for the Earth grid. The event was repeated across 3 separate dates, each time with exactly the same mini-talks but slightly different content.
  • The online Reawaken events meanwhile are for directly absorbing and filling with pure love - and then trying this on your own every day.