We are all joined.

Dec 1, 2021

Swell your ability to act from where we are all joined, in line with the principles of nature, in order to preserve the sanctity of life. Face down adversity and powerfully reorient the collective in favour of pure love, compassion and universal instinct which truly uplifts, supports and protects safety and wellbeing. Join with everyone on Earth, right now, overriding discrimination, division, who has done what and personal likes and dislikes. Help each other from the right place so the power of the bond of affection exponentially strengthens across the board and the next level of pure love embodies on the planet.

We have become so powerfully individuated as single human beings that the experience of our collectivity and where we all might be joined has been relegated to the sphere of economic principles and philosophical models. It's all too common to say "we are all one" but effectively it means nothing. Our grass roots togetherness is a mere spiritual notion or unrealised reality. What exactly are we bound by, when essentially we are all so different and usually, all so very self oriented and self motivated? The answer of course, is love, via the gold frequency, but what does that really boil down to practically - and does it really, ever change anything, given that we rarely live or feel it? 

We tap the root of our togetherness, despite our differences, when we obey one of the prime principles of nature, which is to share everything we have - our whole being - with all of existence. When we are open to giving all of ourselves and receiving all of one another, every moment in complete openness, we rewire the whole universe for extremely pure potential outcomes. It also brings forward true compassion because we dream what should be - while being deeply moved by what shouldn't - in relation to the plight of every single being on the planet. The fine hairs on the roots of our own sensitivity precisely calibrate where human action should lie so that all are honoured and nothing dysfunctional is further able to take form. 

This then feeds into the power of the togetherness of humanity itself, which, when it reaches a certain frequency, especially through response to extreme challenge and adversity, floods the mainframe with a new surge of instructions, picking up the whole of humanity on a single wave. In these moments there is a breathtaking unfolding which forbids even the strongest, most wilful, criminal, malevolent, and oppressive acts. The tide simply turns and what does harm is swept away.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Community & togetherness.

Included: 1 mp3 link (21 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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