Track of the month 5.

Jan 14, 2022 — Purification track (mp3)

Purify a key frequency distortion holding you back. Live your highest potential; realign your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; and develop deeper understanding. Receive the track of the month - The new body - and an exploration track going deeper into what this purification is all about.

We can either be operating at the level where we materialise our physical existence as a force of love and the purity of our flame of light or we can experience ourselves as a smaller point of light within a physical body. The former constitutes the new body and the latter is our old body functioning at the level of the technology of the slave self.

The new body is aligned with purity, governed by nature's world order, and is much lighter, more resilient and adaptive. It is a very "whole" experience and it is completely fluid. We ourselves are deathless and our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers perpetually reconfigure to embody more limitlessness, efficiency and joy.

We rewrite the future. This slows, reverses and reperspectivises ageing. This is because we are no longer operating from a centre where our bodies speed up and slow down, defined by our physicality and emotional, mental and spiritual experiences. We are that very fluidity - that fiery, transformative and generative aether of pure love and the flame of light - which designs and materialises all physical existence.

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Event: Special events; Track of the month.

Theme: In your body.

Included: 2 mp3s (72 mins), 2 transcripts (pdf).


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