The purity of crystalline waters.

Apr 27, 2021

With Jessica Boles. Link into the energy of the sun within. Discover and bring forward the sixth element within you. Switch on the settings for greater self sufficiency via balance of the 5 elements. Internally link with your pineal gland. Available both with and without music. 

The ocean carries the secret of ages. It is the cosmic light of the universe carried in the tides of our being. Our pineal gland processes this internal luminescence and a swell of instructions surges from our pituitary gland. It contains the matrix of all life. Now at this time, as pure love enters our being, a sixth element is emerging. It demands we evolve a new physical form for ourselves and the Earth. And so this sixth element is a new body consciousness, yet to be forged materially by you, via the gold frequency in the waters of your cells. It is activated by your love for the Earth.

When we love in concert with Mother Earth, we purify and reveal ourselves as Dreamers. The 2 internal suns of our being move to create form. The sixth element shapes the fifth, which is space, and purifies the remaining four. Space gives fire and becomes air; air transforms into water; and water finally solidifies as earth. Internally an element is the energy of its external form. The sixth element binds the consciousness of Mother Earth with the consciousness of all inner and outer manifestations … leading to materialisation.

When all internal elements are completely purified, in death we completely return through the waters of our being to the Earth and merge in totality with the universe. We realise ourselves as star beings, traversing time and space. We can disappear and reappear; we come and go at will.

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Event: Silent immersion retreats; Special events; Supermoon groups; April 2021 Silent immersion retreat.

Theme: Silent immersion retreats; Special events; Supermoon groups; Nature, planet & all beings; Rejuvenate; April 2021 Silent immersion retreat.

Name: Jessica Boles.

Included: 2 mp3 links (76 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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