Food 101.

Dec 20, 2022

Reset your mental body. Integrate the frequencies of a healthy relationship with food and eating into your experience of quadrality. Answer all your questions about food fixations, diets, prana, breatharianism & living on light.

These fascinating questions and answers lift the lid on many of the frequency aspects of food, digestion, nutrition and different sources of nourishment. Understand the difference between digestion and frequency conversion; how we don't really feed off of anything in a certain sense but we do definitely eat; and what breatharianism really is. Please note Jacqueline is not a breatharian though she has temporarily lived and experienced breatharian frequencies. She neither recommends or endorses any particular food or non-food and drink pathway - nor any associated practitioner or personality. 

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Event: 101 series; Special events.

Theme: 101 series; Special events; Rejuvenate.

Included: 3 mp3 links (150 mins).


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