Instructions for use.

How to use the Library.

Love made real

Each event is a microcosm of the purification space. They all purify and function in the same way regardless of their date, topic or format. They are medium for, expression of and carrier of pure love, rather than any one recording being a product or object with the inherent power to purify you. That ability resides in you! 

How to choose an event

Always go with what most resonates as you browse the Library sections or use the Search function. There's no correct way to navigate. The point is to check in with your own body system.

  • Take one event at a time. It's up to you how many you join.
  • Listen / watch as you much as you feel to. You can't overdo it!

How to use the Search bar

There are 2 main ways:

  • By typing in the event name, event title, theme, or a person's name.
  • By entering a keyword. The entires displayed will have that word either in the title or the content.

For particular issues

In general the latest Reboot group and Special event is always the answer to the issue you are attempting to resolve or any question you are trying to answer. This is where you most need to place your attention this moment in order to get to the core of whatever problem you have.

A coherent whole

The entire Library is a map of all of the frequencies of the purification space in your personal field. Each event follows on from the next and the entire collection contains every frequency you are purifying for the total embodiment of your multidimensional self in this reality. 

Past events

All of my events - past, present and future - are living, growing, pulsing spaces of pure love, which continue to grow in their potential and power to purify over time. See them as plants which grow, offering more and more nourishment. 

  • Past events are always current and relevant.
  • The more who join each event, the more powerful they become, regardless of when they were originally recorded.

How to join: remote events

It does not matter what you are doing. Just listen. You may be busy, meditating, doing things, going for a walk, lying in the bath, sleeping ... with or without the volume turned up. 

How to join: online events

You can simply watch and listen. Or, you can just listen while you do something or meditate throughout. When I go deeper into the silence, you can keep your eyes open or closed.

  • Some people like to switch on the subtitles and follow them during the broadcast.
  • Sometimes because of the length you may wish to watch more than once.

Adding someone

You can include someone else who naturally comes to mind in any event while you listen or watch. When you begin, just bring them to mind or name them silently at the beginning - then let go.

What's included

If you look to the right on the page of any single Library entry, under the 'Event' and  'Theme' sections you will see a title which says 'Included'. This tells you whether your purification has an additional:

  • Mp3 or mp4.
  • English language transcript.
  • Piece of Special focus / SIR writing.
  • Email image.

Sound & visual quality

None of my events are meant to be perfect. It is their frequency: their uniqueness, live directness and immediacy which is important. There may be extra, unexpected, unwelcome or uncomfortable sounds or happenings - also technical glitches. This is all part of the purification.