Instructions for use.

Please read carefully.

Brimming with purity.

All of my events, past or future, are dynamic living spaces which trigger the personal instructions within your own source connection to upgrade your biology and automatically purify. Make sure you are already in the Reboot group receiving a personal purification for best results. 


You join an event to receive a purification. Any event may also include materials such as a purification track, video, booklet or image. These are gratis - additional to your purification

  • I am a phase conjugate mirror. I purify, amplify, dismantle and reflect back. My words are neither true nor false.
  • My presence, my events and my event materials show you where you are strong and where you are stuck according to what comes up in you. Your reaction is always the purification in action.
  • A negative reaction is something stuck in you beginning to purify. Don't touch it! Let it pass.
  • A positive reaction is where you are embodying more love. Don't get too attached to that either!

One frequency.

All of my events function in the same way regardless of their date, topic or format. Each follows on from the next and the entire collection contains every frequency you are purifying for the new world to appear. Any event is also a microcosm of the purification space as a whole with its own coherence.

The power of the group.

Every group, past or future, grows in frequency and power over time the more people who join. Additionally you automatically begin to switch on in areas where others in the group already have, saving you the work.

No dependency.

In the purification space you strengthen in  independence while fostering greater interdependence. Because each person only connects even more directly with their own source connection, there is no parasitism or picking up other people's issues. You are also free to come and go as you wish.

Earth coordinates.

I am always called by the Earth itself to the next place where I need to be for the planet this moment and for the purification space as a whole. Live events may be outside and purification tracks are often recorded in the early hours deep in nature. By joining you are also purifying the geographical location where you currently are; as well as your birthplace.

No teachings.

You are in charge of your own life and responsible for what you choose to do and not do. There are no "what to do's" or "how to's" in my event materials. You choose what to adopt according to what automatically strikes you where you already recognise your own truth. Please also refrain from studying my work intellectually. You will never work it out!

My event materials.

My event materials point you towards where you next need to focus for all beings including yourself. They also show you where you are currently purifying as a result of coming into my proximity.

  • They do not purify you in and of themselves: they carry a purity signal which is made available through their digital / physical form. 
  • None of my event materials are meant to be perfect. It is their uniqueness, live directness and immediacy which is important.

Always download your event materials.

Always, always, download your mp3s and mp4s straightaway so you have your own offline copy on your own device(s), independent of the internet. I offer you downloads so you can build up your own library and have a ready-made resource to consult for any situation.

How to choose in the Library.

The latest Reboot group and Special event is always the answer to any question and where you most need to place your attention this moment in order to resolve any problem. After this, always go with what most resonates as you browse or use the search function. Listen, watch and read as you much as you feel to. The point is to check in with your own body system.

Adding someone else.

You can include someone else in the purification in any event you join. When you begin to listen, watch or read my event materials, just bring them to mind or name them silently at the beginning - then let go. Your source connection, nature and their self healing ability will do the rest.

Purification videos.

You can attend live or watch the replay. You don't have to watch, you can just listen while you do something or you can meditate throughout. When I go deeper into the purification you can keep your eyes open or closed. Some people like to switch on the subtitles and follow them during the broadcast. Sometimes because of the length you may wish to watch more than once.

Purification tracks.

Play while you meditate, do things, go for a walk, or lie in the bath ... or with the sound turned down in the background, while you are busy or sleeping. Each Reboot track is on the topic you most need to focus on next for all beings, including yourself. It addresses the area where the planet is currently purifying, including your ancestors, and shows you what is becoming available to all human beings this minute.

Name changes.

  • An end to the death space = Transmuting the death space.
  • Other sources, other spaces = Other sources, other states.
  • Regime change: perfecting the new normal = Regime change: perfecting the normal.
  • Self healing activation = Self healing activation for physical issues.
  • The gift of you = The gift of you: your future self
  • Spye Park = You are the anchors.
  • The nature of pain = Pain relief.

Transcripts & translations.

Read slowly remaining aware of your body and sense of self. Just see what happens. You can read from the beginning or dot around between certain paragraphs. You are welcome to play the track or video (with or without volume) at the same time but you do not have to. If you do so, note the length of the track or video, and sit quietly, reading and / or pausing, for whatever length of time you wish.

Purification images & booklets.

Look at and contemplate my artwork, whether it is in an Immersion email or on my Streetwear. You could look and then sit quietly for a period, with eyes open or closed. Notice what happens in your body. Be aware that scenarios will come up soon afterwards, both positive and negative, for you to make choices and get active about.

Made with by Gerardus.