Getting clear.

Why do you work by donation?

Nature gives freely. Income should not be a bar to receiving help.

Who or what are you working with?

Nobody. I am my own masterpiece, just like you.

How are you different to a guru?

A guru wants you to follow them. I want you to follow your own self.

Can anyone do what you do?

Hypothetically. But you have your own job to do.

I have done a lot of work on myself ....

Purification works at a different frequency. Nobody needs to work on themselves.

Can I do it myself?

Yes, but it will be much slower. Pure love operates on a totally different frequency to where you are now.

Am I giving my power away?

No you are strengthening your own power. Together, we go much faster independently.

Why don’t you offer personal advice?

You need to make your own decisions. That is the whole point.

Is it OK to see other practitioners?

Definitely. Make sure you see a qualified professional.

Why Oracle Girl?

Because the words simply come out of my mouth.

The Oracle Girl logo.

This is a waterhole, which I drew myself many years ago in anticipation of what I am doing today.

It depicts everyone in nature being around it on the same level to drink. The dots are stones, plants or animals and the foot-like shape, bottom left, represents human interaction. The dot and circle in the middle is the source of the water.

Overall it represents the whole act of listening and drawing only from our own selves, where all beings are already included.

So it's an image depicting source connection; giving, reciprocity and equalness.

Does a purification work if I am hard of hearing?

Yes. The purification takes place regardless of how you interact with an event. It is the frequency that matters and this is the same whether you access my work by watching, listening or reading.

I am not on social media?

All of my latest writings are in the Library.

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