Help centre: donations.

Last updated: May 10, 2024.

Stripe & PayPal

1. There's no Stripe or PayPal option in the checkout. Some currencies are not supported by PayPal, in which case, PayPal is not an option in the checkout. PayPal also changes and updates its policies and maybe this has happened recently. Stripe meanwhile will only show if your total donation is more than 50 dollar cents or the equivalent. So with certain currencies and a low amount, it is possible that only the crypto option is available.

2. I need to change my Stripe 1-click settings. If you saved your card details for the 1-click checkout they are stored with Stripe. You can find out how to manage your details here: or you can change directly your phone number, email address, and card details in your Stripe1-click Link account:

3. There's Oracle Girl donations in other currencies; in the name of other payment providers; or from strange places on my card statement. This is not an Oracle Girl issue. Please contact your card provider. There are several possibilities: 

  • Your donation may be being charged in your card's base currency.
  • Your donation may be being charged in the currency of the country linked to your VPN.
  • The IP of any travel location could be affecting the currency of the amounts on your bill.
  • Your card currency may be accidentally set to a different currency.

4. Why am I receiving an email from Link asking to verify my email address? Being careful about emails is always good. The email you have received is generated directly by Link, which is part of Stripe 1-click checkout. Stripe uses mobile authentication to secure transactions. You can confirm your email address if you wish. It's a standard security measure from Link to ensure that the email address attached to your account is the proper one. If you do it, next time you are using Link / Stripe 1-click checkout, you will have the possibility to receive the authorisation code by email and on your phone. Please note that Oracle Girl doesn't store any card details. External partners (e.g. Stripe, Paypal) process all donations. Stripe also offers email authentication, which you might want to opt in, or out of.

Donation failures & card issues

1. I made a donation but didn't receive my email after the event. Please email us via [email protected] with a PDF of your bank statement clearly showing your card number for rapid resolution. Please note, we cannot accept a screenshot. Meanwhile, maybe:

  • You didn't sign up and thought you did; or you didn't authenticate successfully;
  • You typed in your email address wrong; or your Choose Your Date Reboot group has expired. 

2. My donation failed. A failure message shows up on your end when there is a problem with your bank, your card or your banking arrangements. Unfortunately, this is not an issue we can remedy on our side. To resolve this in the quickest way possible, please contact your bank and follow their directions in order for us to receive your donation.

3. My card has stopped working. It was fine before. This is an authentication issue. It is to do with fully completing additional verification steps when donating via Stripe or PayPal. Your card issuer directs you to an authentication page on your bank’s website where you have to enter a password associated with your card or a code sent to your phone. It is not Oracle Girl related.

4. How do I sort out my card authentication issue? This is about 3D Secure (3DS), Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and sometimes also involves CAPTCHA mechanisms which stop bots and fake card payments. Here are some helpful suggestions so you can successfully make your donation: 

  • Temporarily try a different card, browser and / or device.
  • Check and update any saved card details in your browser.
  • Make sure you have the latest software updates installed on your device.
  • Make sure you have the correct phone number attached to your card / bank account.
  • Download any app attached to your bank account so you can authenticate your donation.
  • Make sure you fully complete all the verification steps when donating.
  • Phone your bank / card provider and ask them for guidance.
  • Temporarily make your donation via PayPal while you get this issue sorted out.

5. The crypto email address didn't work. We can only accept BTC and NIM cryptocurrency donations via the Nimiq checkout on this website. Unfortunately we do not support the sending of amounts via an email address.

Donation receipts

1. I have lost my donation receipt. Please note we can only reissue receipts within 5 days of any donation made. If you need some documentary evidence, you could locate the transaction on your bank statement and screenshot or download this as evidence of the donation made.

2. Please can I have an invoice. Every time you make a donation, you are issued a donation receipt via the email address you provide. Please use this for your records. Invoices are only available for payments and there are no payments in the purification space.

3. I would like a receipt or invoice so I can claim my tax back. Oracle Girl is not a charity or non-profit. You therefore cannot use your donation to offset tax.

4. I would prefer not to receive my donation receipts. You can switch off all of your donation receipts in My dashboard. These can still be accessed on your dashboard but you won't receive any more receipts by email. 


1. Please can I have a refund. We are very sorry but there are no refunds for a donation. This includes instances where it was not your intention to give the amount which you did and you made a mistake. In the checkout you agreed to your donation being final with no refund. You were also given the choice of if and how much to give. The total was clearly displayed. We make sure that it's possible for you to check and / or revise your amount at any point during the checkout process before finally pressing the button. 

2. I'm entitled to a refund. Meanwhile my gifts are freely given and I work entirely by donation. A refund only applies to a payment. Payments are mandatory. There is a pre-decided price or fee which someone else decides for you. That payment is made in return for a product or service with guaranteed results - to be delivered within a certain amount of time - and if this is not delivered then that is the basis for any refund. Meanwhile you can give a donation if you wish to. You choose what you want to do and any amount you give. No specific outcome is guranteed. This means any donation is voluntary, unconditional, and not a payment. It's therefore not refundable. 

How to make a crypto donation 

  • The Nimiq checkout page will appear after selecting this donation method in the checkout.
  • Select your cryptocurrency - NIM or BTC - using the slider.
  • Click on 'Donate now.'
  • A new page will appear with either a NIM or a BTC address and a QR code.
  • Click on 'Open Nimiq wallet.'
  • Login by either creating an account (no email, registration or install); login (use your login file or recovery words) or using your chosen method (Nano S or X Ledger) and follow the steps you are taken through.