You will now take the old system down.

May 28, 2020

It will be you who unseats the leaders, wakes up those who are sleeping, and takes control of your local communities. For as you know ... Seeing through the world is not about “knowing” the truth. If you search for facts you will be lost in a maze of uncertainty. There is another system. Not a political system, a spiritual system, or an economic system. A completely different way of being that is based on your body and your innate, human intelligence. This system knows all the answers. It works in terms of pathways, Earth response and central pure love command. It moves and shapes the body from the inside out, tells you inside what you need to know when that is necessary and leaves the rest of the time to relax and enjoy. At the moment, the universal system of relating, decision making, and even enjoying and relaxing is changing. All human beings are losing a deep layer of infiltration - meaning your body intelligence will be much more direct and smarter. The first thing you will notice is that you are more in touch with nature. The next thing you will notice is that both the truth and the lies out there make little difference. You are speaking a whole new language. This new language says: enough of this bullshit. I know who I am and I have everything I need. I function according to the mandate of my own dignity - I obey my inner instructions and I do great things. The old guard on this planet is finished and it is bound to be ugly: I know that the weaklings left in charge will try to take over even more. But these things do not worry me because I have my own transmission: whoever is against life, does harm, and destroys ... will now be removed.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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