You have infinite power to change reality.

May 19, 2020

But you must use it. The human body is the most powerful instrument, the most incredible technology that exists on Earth. Have you forgotten that if there is something that you do not like or do not want, you do not have to have it and you can stop it straight away? Start now. Dream now, in this space, of what you know to be true. The things that stir you. The people who move you. And be shaped then by the action that comes next ... directly out of your body. When you claim this current, you alter reality. You take control of events and matter, bringing them into your vibration. The key is always your bonds of affection - and in this time, paradoxically, you have been made to concentrate on these things more. Turn to someone or something you genuinely love and follow the pathway which comes next out of that interaction. When you do this, you bring the fabric of what joins, what connects and what confirms more strongly together. It is this dynamic which elevates nature, heals the body, and changes people, instantly closing the darkness out. Forward events suddenly alter: they are re-entrained to obey what nourishes and restores. For changing the world is no big thing. It is so incredibly easy until you try to change people or see only what is wrong. You use that knowledge to make sure those things never go further. This is very simple. It stops evil in its tracks. Return to the people around you, the things that you love and concentrate there. The moment you forget this, you are in the hands of another. But operate from the love that moves and connects, what destroys has permanently, no way in.

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