You have all of the power.

Aug 5, 2020

And you can come into the proximity of someone who can accelerate your own ability to delete all of the programmes of negative control which were taught to you by your schools, societies, workplaces and your families. Once the technology goes in your arm to control your actual thoughts, you will be physically powerless. Do you understand that could happen to you in the next 6 months? All the answers lie in numbers. Join together in the purification space - and you become the one who decides what happens at the multiple of the group frequency. If everyone says no now, only a positive future can happen. All actions you and your ancestors have made on behalf of the old system and not your own true feelings, have changed the design of your human body. But your own self healing ability can change the hardwiring in your biology .. which keeps the slave self in place. Once switched on, your own purity stimulates the high frequency instructions you already have inside you to reject all the conditioning, that historically you’ve been socialised into.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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