You can't go wrong.

Dec 18, 2020

You can’t go wrong. The negative future timeline has closed and what is seeking to take over is being forced into its proper place. Of course what’s behind this colossal stunt will not go down without a fight, but from here on the balance of power will slowly shift ... back into the hands of the people. First you need an explanation why, it has all suddenly been about technology, cryptocurrency and changing the financial system. There must be an additional reason for the current illness. What if we, truly, are not alone - and there was always something else to factor into the equation? Probably this would hardly shock you - absolutely anything seems possible now. But what if this wasn't strictly speaking about aliens ... but something else ... a little more incredible? Negative high frequency beings are a reality on this planet but they are not at all what you've been thinking they are.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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