You are nothing less ...

Jun 29, 2020

… than a unique embodied individuation of your own source connection. This is a completely different language to much that we see on Earth. You are a powerful constellation of pure love itself with the ability to shape reality, interconnected as you already are, with all beings. So many attempt to rob you of the actual physical right to claim your space in this world and grow: to be powerfully seen and heard. For some, taking your place and expressing yourself directly from your own purity inspires fear; even hatred. Why is this? Because they themselves are hollow. They dine on philosophies and dominion - the love of power - because they have neglected to draw on the wellspring of their own being. They must attack to draw life force ... in order to stay alive. A forest becomes a forest of rich beautiful trees, all growing together, because each obeys its own nature - never crowding one another and always allowing each other their own light. A tree grows ever upwards, separately, in mutual awareness, nourishment and support of all beings. When we embody our own purity - nobody else’s - minus our own patterns, we release ourselves and all beings from any fixation on the identity of having to sacrifice ourselves to another, their torture or persecution.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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