You are capable of great acts of love and kindness.

Dec 21, 2020

You are capable of almost limitless courage. Your honesty and ability to be vulnerable can bring about instant, almost miraculous change. But that wild force you are driven by, that instinct for protection and rage when you are subject to incalculable wrong, is a primal instinct which torrents like a river. Because you are a splice, biologically, of more than one variant, you carry more of the original lifestream of this planet than those who now seek to dominate, divide and destroy. This planet is yours. Those who control you are weak. They cannot survive without you because they need your body - and your genes - to continue. The story of Earth is very complex and there have been many chapters. But they all head in one direction: to this colossal moment now. Either you take over - and the values you adhere to are the ones which shape this planet. Or history will repeat and a new genetic elite will be in charge of a much reduced slave population. The time is now: to claim your lives so that no one claims them for you. Each and every individual must do this ... or be taken by the storm.

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