Who I am regardless?

Sep 21, 2019

Remind yourself how to take healthy control of our situation, regardless of how you feel or what you experience. Produce real, lasting change in your life and your immediate environment, reclaiming and increasing your levels of self-worth.

We so often diagnose how well we are doing by what we experience in our internal and external worlds. We can feel very crushed by the experience of negative emotions and feelings of low self worth.

But what if, in the purification space, there was another way? After all, everything inside and outside, is always the past – because it is conditioned by our family patterns and personal issues – rather than being who we really are.

It is in the space of our own felt sense of self that our internal and external worlds appear. And, we have control of this. We can ask ourselves who we are, regardless of whatever is happening within or without. This then prompts us to pull on the purity of ourselves, firing us to change course and actually act differently … This is what then sets our life on a new course, opens up the new paths we are looking for, and transmutes the difficulty around us.

Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Success & taking control.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins).


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