Watch carefully.

Jan 18, 2021

There is one reality, fast cracking, which is telling you a lie. And there is another reality, which is peace, calm and relaxation regardless of the chaos. You will be bridging 2 worlds now for some time to come. This week you will register enormous forces of contradiction in your body. But you are designed to transmute this contradiction and this feeling of discomfort is not wrong. It will pass - and you are purifying it. Remember that you are here to set the new course. As the false cry of apocalypse and compliance gets stronger, you get stronger, as to where your boundaries lie. As more pressure you, you pressure more, by standing firm in what you know and who you are. Remain unmoved. You will weather this great dividing of the ways and when the time comes, you will see it crumble around your feet. Use the negative forces, turning them back on themselves. This is how you harness your purification. Whatever force or emotion comes at you, you simply take it and bend it to your will. The true art of protection is never defence or offence but the invisible path of merely taking what is there and redirecting it back at itself. You are a phase conjugate mirror: the concentration of brightness will burn directly on your face.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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