This is the greatest time in history ...

Jul 17, 2020

… when you have the opportunity to match the freedom which you are - and always have been - with the freedom sorely lacking, on the outside, in our societies. As external measures escalate to force you into microchipping in the name of a highly suspect illness, you will have every single liberty taken away, including likely the removal of your children, until you finally give in. In case you were wondering, this has been planned for decades. In case you hadn’t figured it out, crashing the economy is more than deliberate. And if you still can’t face it, let me spell it out for you: you could never trust your government. In the next few months, things will get more and more frightening as each and every person starts to figure it out: fear is being used deliberately to manipulate you and confuse you. Terror is being used to make you turn on those who speak out. There is one simple agenda - to ruthlessly depopulate this planet. And, you already know: the more you comply with what is going on, the more you are complicit. But, if you don’t comply, you can be cut off from the system ... Whether it’s resistance or choosing to play along; agreeing or disagreeing; hiding or fighting; denying or accepting - have you realised yet, these are all exactly the same thing? Each and every solution is on the same vibration. The way simply does not lie there. Something else is waiting for you, in a completely different universe, which now needs unmasking. It’s your future self - with the faculty of dreaming - and it completely controls reality. This is all about time travel, where you change the future and live in powerful, direct clarity. If these words are resonating and you’re feeling your pulse get quicker - you are already assuming position.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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