This is not just the death of the financial system.

Feb 12, 2021

It is the death of you as you have known yourself. A small group think you are of little consequence - and that whether you live or die is of not much concern. As the slave self you have been defined as a commercial entity. Once you are of no use, your life is deemed superfluous. There may be lots of pretty talk about a nice green future, but in reality it means wear your fancy facewear and make sure that you obey. Now you have no right to speak, to think or even breathe. Be medicalised while we institute an even more oppressive system - and be happy about it otherwise we'll disconnect you. Of course you need a worldwide affliction to paper over all the cracks. But only at first, because later nearly everyone has gone along with it, and made sure it actually happened. The weaponisation of human consciousness is the end game of a very certain frequency. It means 2 things in reality. One, many many people could die - either from an illness or the switch of financial system. Two, the negative impulse behind that consciousness will surely die too. Why is this so? Because it is born of self destruction. There are two main sources on this planet and one of them simply cannot sustain life. It demands a perpetual sacrifice, blood and killing - and when it runs out of victims, its life comes to an end. This is what we call, the end of the death space. Reality rearranges, taking everything on that vibration with it. The good thing about it all, is that nothing which is false will be left. The new you will survive ... in a completely new world. But this world will be radically different and at first, very confusing. This is the death of everything you never were - and the revelation that you can never die.

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