Things are intensifying as you can see.

Aug 19, 2020

Here's why. First, you are getting freer and freer. Second, the higher frequency you is drawing closer. Third, more and people are starting to wake up and they are getting angry. If you get pulled into the anger now, you will go down with all that shortly is to come. You need to hold your nerve and push on into higher ground. Continue to calculatedly, embody and speak your truth, so you retain the ability to produce that all-important wavelength of change from your actual physical body. Stay detached and focused, not allowing emotion to unseat you, whatever your fears. In the coming weeks, social media will intensify in its attempts to influence you, burrow into your psyche and get you to repeat everything you read. All of it is manufactured - based on your precise "read history" and monitored geographical location. You are being deliberately targeted: pushed to believe, to react, to convert your vibration into fear, and then lose the ability to generate that high frequency signal. Realise that the positive future is guaranteed; just hold your nerve; do not succumb to auto suggestion; never surrender your rights; and above all, safeguard your children. Remain concentrated; go up a level now; and as I warned before - don't relax.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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