There's a fatal flaw.

Sep 4, 2022

After centuries of being told to worship money and you must work to have everything, it’s not going to work if it’s suddenly about no money and having absolutely nothing. And this is not the only problem. Technology rarely works at the best of times and most of the world doesn't use it. You can't control through false flags and fear forever. (Though of course there are always some who will try). Those closest to extreme power often hate you; vie for your position themselves; and see all your hypocrisies and contradictions. They also easily turn at the slightest hint of trouble. And this is before all the lawsuits; the unprecedented civil unrest; and the rage ... when parents realise what they gave to their children; the bills finally can't be paid; it's getting so hot nothing will grow and there's no water; and more and more people are keeling over from sneezing, making their bed in the morning, and going for a bike ride. It's not going to be pretty. Oh and by the way, most people prefer paper menus. And cash. Or at least digital transfers that don't involve some idiot phoning you asking why you spent that miniscule amount on almost nothing. Warning. Mankind always finds a way around any obstacle. We are blessed with divine intelligence. The numbers, and pure love, will speak for itself.

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