There is nothing to fear.

Feb 26, 2021

Your frequency is high. You know exactly what is happening and what they are doing. When something is weak, it pushes hard. And as you know, anything which applies more force, eventually wears itself out. Right now you are being deluged with a carefully orchestrated type of psychological warfare to convince you it is all hopeless and that "you'll have to in the end". So all you get, every day, is all the deaths; all the measures; how successfully it is all being rolled out; how soon you won't be able to travel without a barcode (which of course is one inch from then being placed on your head); or have access to your bank account etc etc etc. But this is just words. It is words creating an illusion of power which simply does not exist. Yes those people are queueing up for what will definitely harm them. Yes, there are so many of them, it seems in comparison to just you. But remember, every single moment, that everything being thrown at you is always missing the mark. They are being controlled by something else which simply doesn't apply to you. It is definitely frightening. Certainly, it is not right. And, many people may leave, which none of us want to happen. But ... your vibration is soaring and bringing about the quickest and most efficient outcome. You will endure, however long it takes. This force cannot stay and there is still so much to happen. With every single month which passes, their plan is falling apart.

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