There is always an answer.

Jul 2, 2022

A new technology capable of combatting and transmuting everything is now fully emerging for humanity. Despite the chaos and the deception. Despite dead doctors and strange accidents. How does it work? It has just one way. Not your way and not my way. The way of purity. You are now capable of absorbing pure love, really and truly, directly and physically, into your own system. Freedom, safety and protection are generated from the inside-out. It's not possible for you to be overcome by anything else. You easily say no despite the worry and pressure. The strong fear states you endure strengthen you and perfect you; building more capacity for yet more pure love. And you can even, very slowly, turn back your biology and the very worst of decisions. The horror and adversity are triggering a new high frequency human. This is a new possibility; the gift of our times. 

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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