There is a power struggle going on behind the scenes.

Sep 25, 2022

New versus old battles to take power and our future hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, we the people, mostly oblivious to the value of freedom and how the prevention of what is happening is already enshrined in many of our laws - are quite happily surrendering the very institutions and processes which would readily protect us. Such is the hubris of those steered by their controllers to simply obey. How did we get here? And what went wrong? Not much. We gave that freedom away in the name of fear: a common recipe for takeover. Is there a silver lining? A sudden apocalypse or change of events? It is those who manipulate who constantly dangle this carrot. Will the sleeping wake up and demand it all stops? A lot are awake, they want change, but that is the change already suggested to them straight out of the world domination playbook. It all sounds so depressing with a tired handful of us past screaming: "Why can't they see?" But Nature prescribes excess before a return to what is aligned. It even powers those who think they decide your life, your survival, the water supply, electric, heating, food, and next, sunshine. They think they have the last say and have it all so cleverly planned. They do - and this is why they have planned for their very own downfall. When nature withdraws its consent, populations and societies once dependent on rule by tyranny, return to the only government in town which is people (even if you can't see); cooperation (even if you've never done it); sharing (even if you don't want to); and getting the job done (even if you don't how to). A new power rises regardless of the technology, the propective digital slavery, and the ever increasing death toll. What belongs to the old order will find it impossible to survive. Because this time we are all joined by something more than the mandate of freedom. A willingness to break free from the blind image of our acceptance.

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