The future needs you.

May 23, 2020

The paths of possibility for a better outcome to the current world situation have shifted - but only so far. Meanwhile that bright future which lies waiting for you of a free society close to nature with clean technologies, where all beings flourish, lies silently waiting yet to be aligned with. How does changing the future work? The key lies not in manifesting, getting emotional, or strategic avoidance, but detaching from external and internal identification and falling back into the stillness of your own body. From there the dreaming component, part of your higher nature, immediately becomes active and the state of the world - as it currently is - actively propels you out of its negative timeline. In this realignment lies an immense power to break patterns and force the path of materialisation in a new direction. It is the most revolutionary act you can undertake. Because when you dream, you pull on the instructions inside you born of pure love. You force everyone and everything to reconfigure to the path of your future - nothing else. But if you sit at home watching YouTubes, however truthful they might be, this will achieve little. At best you will be a well informed sitting duck. If you neglect to harness your own body apparatus or omit to purify yourself of the patterns which make you fixate on external society and your internal states, all you will do is mentally conceive a new set of possibilities parallel to the world of horror steadily claiming you and everyone still sleeping. Detach instead - and by all means watch a few YouTubes - but do not get sucked in. A purification is not just working on yourself and being a good person. A purification is a very exact science which switches on your own healing ability. In the purification space you realign with your own purity, nothing else, and pull yourself out of anything which is not your own source connection. You can then access the dream space and bring about what lies in your instructions. The purification space brings you back in touch directly with who you are, disentangling you from the drama. Constantly acting there, brings about the world we all want to see.

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