The cracks are showing.

Sep 23, 2020

The cracks are showing. When those behind this stunt were planning the present assault on humanity all those years ago ... they forgot a few key things. Human beings are intelligent. They know when they are being duped. Human beings may be afraid of not being able to pay their bills or being imprisoned for daring to speak the truth, but they will not sacrifice their children. The statistics do not add up. The scientists smell a rat. And the politicians contradict the science, common sense - and themselves. As the world powers press for the deliberate destruction of our societies to bring in their transhuman agenda, we all know the economy would work perfectly if corruption was not supported. As they close down good food, independent businesses, alternative health practices, and the right to even be with your friends - we already know that we, and them, are the property of corporations. They forget we already know what's happened in China where everybody obeys for fear of being cut out of the system. They forget that half the world, still clutching The Good Book, knows all about the Mark of the Beast. Did they really think they were going to get away with this? Yes; they did. And that you see, is their great weakness and their fundamental undoing. The human spirit can be manipulated, abused, killed and each one of us psychologically tortured; our human rights can be violated; and even our children can be taken away - but it will never change the fact that native human intelligence always has the upper hand. Soon, very soon, each single person on this planet is going to remember that there is another force here which only exists to perpetuate darkness, division and fear. That it is arrogant, doesn't care, and that all it wants is chaos, confusion and blood so it can simply stay in place. When the penny drops that this is not really about China; who wins the American election; the person with a different skin colour; and especially not "that illness" - the whole house of cards will fall. Who and what am I talking about? It's in your cellular memory: you 'know' that that it's time for the "guests" to go.

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