Soon the opposite will happen.

Aug 5, 2022

In some places all that stuff will be illegal. Many will reel in shock. How can something we were told you must have ... suddenly be what you shouldn't? That's the nature of what's behind the impetus to self destruct. It presents itself one way, for a completely other agenda. Meanwhile people surrender their freedom, their bodies, their children, their loved ones, nature and the environment ... for something which nearly eradicates them. When the 2 poles of existence become plainly visible all in one historical moment, the whole show collapses. Then there's a different type of calamity, which is painful, but allows the world to rebuild. The truth becomes self evident: not only is everyone equal but the corona of your own being is the most highly prized commodity. Do you know what I am talking about? Just look up in the skies. It's becoming more and more obvious.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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