So now we hit the accelerator.

Jan 4, 2023

The next 4 years will be the toughest and the most liberating. It will get more extreme and yet, less will apply. You'll be forced to make some very hard decisions. But there simply won't be any other option. It will come from absolutely every angle - but it will always be the same. You'll be immune to fear, pain and emergency. You'll become incredibly sharp, immediate and clear. You'll do so much more with so much less. Your frequency will go off the scale. You'll stop waiting for zombie others and you'll take off in your own direction. You'll learn to treasure your body. And experience how it can protect you. The chips are down. The stakes are high. Nothing less than the survival of humanity. You will come through. Most others won't. Massive numbers will continue leaving. And hour by hour, and day by day, the negative influence on this planet will vanish. A thin line and a narrow path. If you always choose purity.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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