So many are lost.

May 10, 2021

At first the innocent fell for it. Then they realised they must have been somewhat suppressed and controlled already to have fallen victim - and woke up. They can still delete the slave self, though now they must purify sufficiently to cancel the consequences of their recent choices. Nature decides; not us. Others meanwhile do not realise at all … even selling their children into it. And most young people want it anyway. The rest look on in horror and deep sadness, questioning, how is this possible? It’s because this is not about information. Things can be done to humans to control them like a drone: even to make them do the exact opposite when they are told that something may harm them. Always be aware of what is operating in the places where you go. Look around you. What type of location are you in? Those strong in their embodiment will hold their own purity wherever they are. Those less confident may wish to reconsider. Still others, on the slave self frequency, will believe they can choose something negative and purify it. When we are healthy we choose what is healthy and we would not be interested in something which is not. When we are not healthy, we tell ourselves all sorts of stories and justify what does us harm, attacking others who tell us the uncomfortable truth. Now the future positive timeline shifts again and those not aligned with nature’s principles have even less room for manoeuvre. Either you are on the new high frequency; you know it; it is obvious to you; and you are living it more and more. Or you are on the slave self wavelength: making modifications, which however positive, simply reinforce your slavery. The second category are now hugely under the microscope. If you’re worrying, you are awake, but need to switch frequency. If you’re scared but not worried; that’s good. And if you’re worried and you’re not scared, you’re deluded. Things may seem to be loosening and relaxing but soon the whole cycle of events will be repeated and come back again to pressure you even more. Grasp the new frequency and you will automatically purify. It’s available directly inside you. All you need is the right environment to access it and then the rest is under your control.

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