So, let’s wind back the clock a little.

Jul 23, 2020

So, let’s wind back the clock a little. Four months ago, we were told to expect at least a thousand deaths a day rising to 1500 wherever we lived (did you realise that?) and that life was going to change irrevocably for the foreseeable future. Well, the first one hasn’t happened and the second one certainly has. But before we get so embroiled in the second one, take one step back and now focus on “who” said that. The answer of course is the media - mouthpiece of the politicians. So, just have a focus on those politicians for a moment: “our leaders.” Not that you probably want to - and we won’t do for it long - but I want you to register the sense you have of all of them put together. Don’t think or feel: just see what your body does. Do you realise that the answer here is invariably ... “nothing.” Yes! That is because you are on a completely different frequency. And if you did notice something strange in your body, that’s because your ability to purify was immediately getting to work. YES. Those strange feelings are not you. And yes, you are not on the same vibration, you are quite quietly separate, and even though you fear what those people might sanction or say that they will do - that gap between you and them is getting progressively larger. We will practically cast adrift our political figures and leave them to sink or swim in the ocean of purification with your newly upgraded abilities, which will be quite a different game for them. And by the way, it could have been 1500 people a day, dead or nearly dying, and it never happened. That’s because your frequency couldn’t be moved or touched - regardless of your mind or emotions ... I will let that one really sink in with you.

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