Saying no is not abusive.

Sep 4, 2020

Saying yes when you mean no - is. We are now in the most uncomfortable of periods, which is nothing compared to what is to come. Shop assistants who must mandate in the name of their employers to keep their job. Employers who must mandate in order to stay open. Policemen and women who must mandate because they pledged to obey. Leaders who must mandate or there is no money. And ... what about parents. Parents who send their children because the kids themselves want to go back. Partners who send their children because the other parent wants them to go. You end up sending your children because they need their friends, you need some time, you've got to work, you're actually desperate for them to go back, and we don't know what for sure will happen anyway ... All the while you know, exactly, what all of this means. Hard choices face us all. All of the above is on a steep descent, fast accelerating into oblivion. One way or another, soon it will be impossible to go along with any of this anymore. And of course, you fear not being able to support yourself or your family; losing your relationship; and having to face the fact that basically, pretty much everybody is dependent on a system, employers, institutions, or even perhaps loved ones, who quite simply, are abusive. There are no soft landings. There is no quick fix. This one is not going to be pretty and let's face it, it already isn't. The Big Coats behind the Titanic knew they didn't have enough lifeboats for all the men, women and children. The Titanic still set sail - and those men, women and children travelled unknowingly to their deaths. But you know. It is time for Plan B. It is your actual, physical frequency which governs the outcome of what is to happen: not money, guns, planning, how hard you work, leaders, spiritual practices, God or even your family. The test of the weeks to come will not be whether you wore a certain something; rubbed poisonous slime into your hands 5 times in one hour in order to complete your shopping; or willingly allowed yourself to be zapped in the head to get permission to sit and drink a cup of tea. From now on, it’s all about your body: whether you can truly hold the voltage of the positive future without the abuse patterns about to self-destruct.

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