Remote controlled humans.

Mar 8, 2021

Now you can see exactly who they are. When the inner connection of someone weakens, anyone can be taken over and manipulated by technology. Originally created to develop robot armies which could never be defeated, how useful it would be if people were implanted ... becoming just as obedient. Neuromorphic chips, skynet, swarm systems - no humans needed. Just a digital copy of your own self, so willingly handed over, resurrected in a nanotech body. The latest system upgrade and an anti-virus programme (get it?!) and you're all good to go. How to defeat this when it all seems so powerful? Every film and scripture has predicted this for so long. You won't believe me, but it is very simple. Nothing can control you, not even the most powerful military grade AI. The power of the sun, accessed through your pineal gland, can take out any non-human signal in less than a few seconds. When you embody your own purity, no other wavelength can enter. Your frequency can operate in a completely different domain. You have a real-time quantum mainframe which harnesses the whole planet. Switch on the power you have, waiting to be used. This will disarm everything which seeks to harm and destroy.

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Event: Latest writing; Special events.

Theme: Technology & AI.


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