Recently the world has changed.

Mar 19, 2020

While you may look around you and see isolation, lockdown and fear, in the real world, a new vibration is rising where there is no division. At this very moment in world history, something incredible is happening. You are being reborn in a new, much higher specification body, so you can materialise reality from the fast emerging, highly advanced instructions inside you, which have simply been lying waiting for this moment. You are here to rebuild this planet. But you need the resonance and the environment – the purity – to continue to break you out of the mould of the conditioning you were born into. You entered this beautiful planet along timelines of oppression, inequality, environmental desecration, killing ... and worship, instead of proper use, of money. Although you are none of these things, those signals have become intertwined with the very biology of your personal field. The purification space is incredibly powerful. It has shown itself because it is your wish: it has been revealed by you. I will flatten your inner accelerator. There is no point in waiting anymore.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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