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Dec 30, 2019

… you yourself have wanted more than anything else to purify so the Earth can be a place of love. For this reason, the purification space has appeared in you and is being made available for the first time ever, unlimitedly, to all beings. This space exists in you and you now want it to come forward. The purification space is pure love: any type of interaction with me sees your self healing ability slowly switch on. This eventually brings the purification space forward for others around you. First you start to transmute all the family patterns and personal issues that you have - then the purification moves into your family line. The archetypal layer of your being cleans up and with that, the vibration on the physical patch of earth on which you were born. At this stage the heart knot, which prevents you from accessing your full identity, unravels. In the end you embody the pure love at the core of your identity. Everything you do issues out of the purity of your own self, which brings the real change we want to see in our world and societies.

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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