Purity burns up everything unlike itself.

Nov 30, 2020

This can be something very hard to understand. What seems "evil" appears good, what appears "good" is evil ... the poles reverse and meaning falls away. When someone comes to the end of a trail of lies, duplicity, deceit and betrayal, the whole scenario blows up and self destructs. All who were complicit go with it and the truth is exposed. There is no way that what is not aligned with integrity and honesty can ever survive. It either self destructs or it dominates - and then, it self destructs. Nature's way can be trusted. We approach a time now of grand exits, the exposing of criminal acts and the seeing of very ugly truths that have been parading behind the masks. If you fell into the mirror of your own reflection, the slate wipes clean, and all that was not you is taken away. You will not find truth anywhere on the outside. It takes a thousand forms, including the form of the distasteful, the ugly and the politically incorrect. Those seeking meaning in other worlds outside themselves will be toppled from their own pedestals. This is not about what you do or what you don't do. Either you exist at a certain frequency or you don't. Those who remain are the ones who know the beauty at the centre of existence. Wherever you are not aligned with purity, this will not be allowed to survive. See who and what exits. People reveal themselves through their acts.

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