People are worried.

Dec 28, 2020

Understandably so. Things are getting worse - much worse - every day. There's no news, anywhere. Clearly the internet is being shut down as a source of information. And what's going to happen in January? Probably even more severity and restriction. The important thing to realise, is that you can't make it better anymore, just by rearranging the furniture of your own personal circumstances. We are all part of something much bigger, which needs to happen first. This is the turnover of absolutely everything and everyone into a new reality. You are being re-inserted back ... into the much bigger picture of Nature's order. The major frequency work is done for now. It's actually time to rest. Relax, just for a short while, and take a breather: it's certainly well earned. Probably you are very tired presently. You are processing so much on the collective - plus you are very active, purifying the old world, while you are asleep. The key is to let go in small punctuated bursts ... combined with a laser sharp focus. All you need concern yourself with, is what immediately shows up on the physical. Trust the process - however uncomfortable - you are on the right path. Abandon the media and politics completely. You are not subject to them anymore. Stop. Take a brief pause. Reconfigure. Then re-engage ... with the very next step which surfaces in the actual. That's the long awaited Integrity & giving interview on the fall of the financial system. On Dec 29 at 7pm GMT, I will be live on YouTube with Elaira Tickute, telling you exactly what's coming next.

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