People are waking up quickly ...

Jul 13, 2020

… - far more quickly than expected. This is the big one! What is coming will overturn so much of what we have previously seen on this planet. On the one hand this is excellent and reason to be very very cheerful. On the other, it is reason to now be extremely strategic. When the frequency of all of you goes up, that puts more pressure on those who are losing their power. That second party is stupid but well organised, linked up and can use brute force. The key at this very moment is ... speed. Organise yourselves, link up: and use your much higher vibration. And do it now. Find out what you have immediately available to you on the ground. Where is your local produce taken directly from nature, your farm shops, and what do they offer. It doesn't matter whether they are near or far - first find out. Then if you don't grow food yourself or have those resources at close hand, what you need to do next is secure your supply. How could you substitute using bigger companies you don't agree with, with other services and goods from those who almost certainly do it better? Do you need to be supporting all of the things you are currently supporting? The answers lie in your networks and your immediate environment if you look carefully. There are only solutions on the higher frequency levels now, not on the old wavelengths. Take this as a sign in itself of whether you are looking in the right place. Solutions are not about money. They are about vibration and connecting in the right way, with the right people, in the right place because of how you are connecting with your own self. You don't need to go without - this is all about the opposite. You must have more now, of what is better, which almost certainly lies in different and new ways of collaborating and thinking. It is time to make your life bigger, more nourishing, and more about the people you truly want to support. In letting go of what you don't want and the scenarios you don't need, you will make your own base more solid and the higher frequency reality more powerful and established. This is what undermines the power of things which seem to have authority, but don't. You begin to take your power to provide your own and others' needs - they become the same thing. And you understand that this is not about food sources, survival, or living without money - but switching to the real control system, which is the function of your own purity. The forces trying to control you are so limited and so controlled themselves, all they can give you is more control. But if you take control and use control healthily, even brute force can't stop you and will in fact fall apart. Standing up together is all about practically claiming the "impulse" - which makes everyone stand up together. Once you claim that impulse, the day of shadow forces is completely done. This impulse is your will to live the way you wish to, now, not tomorrow, and making it happen. The more you purify, the more this is possible - and now your physical actions must follow suit.

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