Panda power.

Dec 19, 2022

And people power. A massive wave is heading for the beach, which when it breaks, will dramatically reconfigure the planetary landscape. Certain things and certain people no longer getting to dictate what happens anymore - it’s quite a shock for them. This is why they are pressing harder, quicker to get your face, your name … all in one place. But what’s the problem anyway? Surely only those who shouldn’t be "in" society will lose all access. And it’s only no permission to use the internet and your bank account - not that drastic really. Oh, and the ability to leave your town, then later your house. Oh, and to be visited by your family and friends. Better get a fish for company - they’re pretty low maintenance. Well, depending on the type of fish of course. Oh ... and as long as it has its own certificate of profoundly stupid syndrome or, so sorry, it won’t be joining you …

Event: Latest writing; Special events.


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